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Initial planning meeting to discuss the development of a formal agreement between PV and DVNC (DVMS), to utilise the former MMBW sheds in Braeside Park. Attending were Regional Manager Victor Teo and Des Lucas Senior Ranger (PV), Pam Gates (DVNC), Warren Duncan (President DVMS), David Madill & John Prestt (DVMS committee members)  Date: Thursday‎, ‎July‎ ‎4‎, ‎2013

The Dingley Village Men’s Shed began as a program under the auspice of the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre Inc. (DVNC)

Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre Inc. is a community initiated and structured organisation that began operating in 1978.  It is an incorporated body and is autonomous in operation. The Centre is part of the Neighbourhood House / Community Learning Centre sector and manages programs that provide services to the residents of Dingley Village.

These programs and services operate from both the Centre and the Harold Box Hall, facilities the DVNC Committee of Governance leases from the City of Kingston.

In September 2012 the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre was approached by 3 local male residents asking for support to develop a Men’s Shed.  The Dingley Village Men’s Shed (DVMS) program was established in Oct 2012 with a Public meeting drawing over 50 men who had shown an expression of interest in being a part of a Men’s Shed in Dingley Village.

From this meeting, a steering group was formed to develop strategies and actions for establishing a Men’s Shed and the group formally became a Sub-Committee of the Centre in January 2013.  The Sub-Committee comprised of the manager of the DVNC, the initial 3 instigators plus 3 interested local residents.

Building the garden wall and seat
One of the many resident possums

The next step was to establish a permanent home for the DVMS. The DVNC Committee of Governance together with the DVMS Sub-Committee approached Parks Victoria (PV) with a request for access to two existing but derelict sheds situated in Braeside Park.  Formerly utilised by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, these neglected sheds were originally used as a workshop and a storage shed.

Following the negotiations with Parks Victoria, access was approved and a renovation program began in early October 2013.  A lease of the buildings was also finalised between Parks Victoria and the DVNC. Since then the group has been operating at their home in Cypress Drive at Braeside Park, Lower Dandenong Road, Braeside.


During the negotiations period, members began meeting regularly at the DVNC and also at the homes of some members which allowed for friendships to consolidate, fellowship to enjoy and membership to increase.  The two sheds the DVMS have renovated and set up, now consist of a large workshop and an amenities area that allows members to meet in a relaxed and safe environment. The DVMS was established to permit the male community in (and around) Dingley Village to create a meeting place and workshop for the sole purpose of having an environment which encourages friendship, communication and which allows male issues to be discussed. The facilities will allow for the pursuits of hobbies and pastimes. The DVMS will offer itself to the Dingley Village community as time and skills permit for projects benefitting the community of Dingley Village.

Official opening, Friday 30th January 2015
Workshop before the big clean up

The DVMS became registered with the Australian Men’s Shed Association with a Shed Registration number of AMSA 100909.  The DVMS also became a financial member of the Victorian Men’s Shed Association.

Our shed was officially opened on Friday the 30th of January 2015 with members, Parks Victoria Rangers, community representatives and guests attending the celebrations.

During 2017 the amenities building was extended to almost double its original capacity to accommodate the ever-increasing membership.

In May 2018 the Dingley Village Men’s Shed became an incorporated entity and now operates as a completely autonomous establishment, referred to as the Dingley Village Men’s Shed Incorporated and with its own Committee of Management.