The Purposes of the DVMS

(1) The purposes of the DVMS are to operate as a charitable services institution engaged in advancing men’s health by operating a Men’s shed to:

(a) Improve the health and wellbeing of men who are at risk of preventable health issues that may emanate from isolation;

(b) Facilitate programs that provide support, information, education and training on health and wellbeing issues such as first aid training, men’s health checks, seminars and guest speakers;

(c) Provide meaningful activities where men can participate in the company of others to relieve issues arising from isolation and loneliness; and

(d) Undertake charitable activities for the benefit of the broader community.

(2) We advance the health and wellbeing of our members by providing a safe and happy environment where men of all abilities can, in the company of other men:

(a) Participate in projects designed for the benefit of the Dingley Village Community, City of Kingston, Parks Victoria, the broader community;

(b) Participate in projects designed for other charitable purposes that benefit the broader community;

(c) Learn new skills, and practice and pass on old skills and knowledge while participating in activities and projects;

(d) Receive support to recognise and deal with issues and effects of isolation and loneliness.